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Property hunters in Paris


What we do

  • We are a buyer’s agent for the real estate market.
  • We are property hunters and we exclusively look out for the interests of the buyer.
  • We operate in Paris: the market is complex and it requires true expertise.
  • We have access to the entire market (professionals and individuals) but also the invisible market: the off market.
  • We work to combine your desires and specifications with our objective and careful perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you gain

  • Solidify the real estate project you’ve been dreaming of, in some cases for a long time. Our success rate is 90%.

  • Avoid all conflicts of interest: we don’t gain anything by advising you on one property rather than another.

  • Be certain you are making the right choice and for the right price thanks to our method and our knowledge of the Parisian market.

  • Save time by getting rid of constraints and keeping only your enthusiasm for project.

Testimonals / Finds


  1. TrustThis is the foundation of our relationship with you. It must be reciprocal.
  2. Objectivity and transparency in the advice we provide you.
  3. Responsiveness that allows you to seize every opportunity.
  4. Respecting the confidentiality of all the information concerning your search.
  5. The continued development and implementation of our skills and knowledge.
  6. Respecting the legal obligations fixed by the laws governing the buying and selling of real estate. (We possess the official real estate certification issued by the Chambre du commerce et d’industrie de Paris Île-de-France).
  7. Adhering to the code of ethics put in place by the National Federation of Property Hunters (FCI), of which we are members.  



Find a property that will offer you the quality of life you desire

Real Estate Coaching

  • Advising on the resale of your property

  • Devising and realizing strategies for your complex real estate needs


House your business or start-up in a location that matches your professional needs

Buying and Selling

  • Manage your two-part real estate project: organize the sale of the properties you own and find the property you’re looking for


Choose a Parisian location for your financial and patrimonial goals

Property Concierge

  • Renovation Construction: follow-up work
  • Outfitting Furnishing 
  • Moving into Paris from abroad: various services


We assist you at every step of your real estate project using a set of diverse skills and resources


  1. We familiarize ourselves with and analyze your real estate project.
  2. With the support of our partners, we help optimize the financing of your project.
  3. Together, we set up a file that outlines your specifications and budget.


  1. Thanks to our professional skills and our network, we perform an extensive search of the market (private owners, real estate agencies, notaries, etc.)
  2. We visit properties that meet your criteria.
  3. We keep you up to date on the progress of the search by providing detailed reports analyzing the properties we’ve visited.
  4. We’ll only visit properties with you that we have confirmed meet your needs.
  5. When one or multiple properties grab your attention, we inspect the technical and legal aspects (financial, architectural, etc.) to help you make your decision.


  1. We’ll help strategize the negotiation of the price.
  2. We’ll be there for you from the moment you make an offer until you sign the last contract.
  3. If needed, we can provide a host of additional services: follow-ups if you decide to renovate your new property, advising on the layout and decoration or even listing/renting the property.
  4. We’ll introduce you to our skilled partners during the course of your project: real estate financial advisors, bankers, insurance, notaries, architects, decorators, entrepreneurs, artists, etc.



Eurêka! Paris is a real estate advisory group.

We are an agent that represents potential real estate buyers, renters and investors. We only look out for interests of our clients.

We specialize in properties within the city limits of Paris: instead of trying to enlarge our field of activity, we prefer to deepen our knowledge of this mythical city, the most visited in the world.

For us, real estate is not jut about an investment or square meters: our approach also includes focusing on architecture, quality of life, the feeling

We understand that buying property is an important decision that requires ongoing engagement. Advising you is a great responsibility and a job we take seriously.

We provide a unique one-on-one service: each client will interact with one of the founding members. We are not looking to grow at any price, but to provide a qualitypersonalized and customized experience.

We aim to provide a flawless service that is comprehensive, accessible, and responsive.

Our name, Eurêka! is an ancient Greek word that means “I’ve found it!”. It perfectly expresses our mission to satisfy our clients.


For Buying

Our fees range from 2% and 3.5% of the price of the property bought (for residentiel use)

Our fees decrease according to the total cost of the property.

We provide our services under agreement that we are the exclusively under contract with you. Our fees are contingent upon the successful completion of your real estate project.


Our fees


Additional fees apply

  • Real Estate Coaching
  • Property Concierge



Our fees are equivalent to one month of rent (charges excluded)

(minimum invoice 3,000 euro including tax)

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