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  1. How is a property hunter different than a real estate agent?
  2. Who are Eurêka! Paris’ services intended for?
  3. How does Eurêka! Paris find and pick the locations?
  4. How is Eurêka! Paris compensated?
  5. Will Eurêka! Paris’ services put a strain on my project’s budget?
  6. What is the first step when working with Eurêka! Paris?
  7. Can Eurêka! Paris obtain a property for me if I’m not present?
  8. What additional services does Eurêka! Paris offer?
  9. Can I consult Eurêka! Paris regarding a buy-resale project?

1. How is a property hunter different than a real estate agent?

A property hunter, also known as an apartment hunter or a buyer’s agent, is a professional dedicated exclusively to the buyer. Here are 5 main points that differentiate the two:

  • There is no conflict of interest. A property hunter does not have any properties to sell or to rent to individuals or businesses, but rather looks for specific locations for each client. By setting up a file in collaboration with the client, property hunters are able to provide objective advice.
  • Culture. A property hunter adopts the vision of the client in order to find a property that best fits the client’s specifications. A refined selection is made and specifications that do not meet the client’s criteria can be tracked upon visiting locations: the property hunter’s eye is perfect for comparing and criticizing.
    The hunter has a panoramic vision of the available properties on the market that meet the client’s needs.
  • Access to all over the market. A property hunter is paid directly by the client no matter who the seller is: a real estate agency, an individual, a notary, etc. There is no disadvantage for a real estate agent to work with an apartment hunter since this collaboration does not affect what the agent earns. The same goes for the owner of the property: since the property hunter is only compensated by the client, the transaction between the buyer and the seller is untouched.
  • Nature of the job. A property hunter only works on a few projects at a time, which allows the client to receive a continued, comprehensive and responsive service.
  • Contract. A property hunter signs a contract with the buyer, who entrusts the hunter to seek out the property. There is a contractual link between the two.

2. Who are Eurêka! Paris’ services intended for?

Eurêka! Paris’ services are perfect for those:

  • Wishing to benefit from objective professional advising: we offer you our knowledge of the market and our experience in this complex field.
  • Unable to efficiently carry out a search: we enable you to save time by avoiding unnecessary visits.
  • Unable to be present: we can help if you are abroad to avoid costly return trips to Paris.
  • Looking for the ease and efficiency of a turnkey service: we’ll be there for you at every step of your real estate project.

3. How does Eurêka! Paris find and pick the properties?

We choose properties from all over the market according to the specifications of the client.

We find these properties by consulting private individuals, real estate agencies, property agents, notaries, etc. Our network and professional research tools give us access to a variety of sources.

We communicate the profile of our search to our partners so that we can stay up to date on property listings that meet your requirements.

If the same property is listed by multiple sources, we’ll show our client the one that is the most financially advantageous.

4. How is Eurêka! Paris compensated?

We are compensated directly by our client when we successfully carry at our search.

Our fees vary range from 2% to 3.5%: they decrease with the increasing cost of the property.

We do not share the fees if the property is marketed by an intermediary or third party (real estate agency, notary, etc.). These additional costs are to be covered exclusively by the client.

This condition is indispensible to gaining access to the best properties on the market and to guaranteeing objective advising.

5. Will Eurêka! Paris’ services put a strain on my budget?

It only seems like it on the surface. The cost of our fees is offset by saving you the time and the hassle required when searching for a property. Plus it ensures better negotiating. This all will come in handy in the long run. Our expertise, knowledge of the local market, our involvement in each search and our exhaustive and systematic method is guaranteed to provide you a secure and optimized transaction. Above all, our service gives you the certainty that you will not make
be making an error when choosing the property.

You will also be given access to all of our contacts for additional services (financing, renovation, decoration, etc.). Our skilled partners will also allow you to save time and money.

6. What is the first step when working with Eurêka! Paris?

The first step involves setting up a file with your specifications and requirements. This allows us to understand your project, to help you refine it and to evaluate its feasibility in the current market. It also gives us an opportunity to make sure the specifications you have in mind are compatible with what is available in the desired neighborhood.

This file is a starting point: it will evolve with each property we visit. To get started, we would like to come speak with you in person in order to better understand your situation and integrate your ideas and desires (both what you want and what you don’t want).

7. If I’m unable to be present, can Eurêka! Paris obtain a property for me?

Eurêka! Paris can put together an offer to buy or even sign in your name.

Generally, we will be able to carry out all of the steps of your real estate project even if you are not present, provided we have your approval along the way. We can even sign a contract in your name. Of course, any documentation that requires your signature will have to be completed in full in the presence of an authorized third party (notary, consulate, etc.).

8. What additional services does Eurêka! Paris offer?

Eurêka! Paris offers a host of additional services related to your real estate project: this includes providing follow-ups and reports on renovations you might wish to make to the property, the furnishing or the decorating of your apartment, the punctual flipping of your buy-resale project, signing your kids up for school if you’re coming from abroad, listing and renting your property, etc.

In a word: we adapt to your project and budget to help you find an optimal solution.

9. Can I consult Eurêka! Paris regarding a buy-resale project?

Yes, we can help you on both ends. Here are two possible options:

  • If you wish to sell your property yourself: we can provide you with a real estate coaching service that consists in advising you on the best strategy to adopt in order to sell your property and acquire the desired property. This includes: estimating the value of the property being sold, writing-up listings, taking photos, putting together a commercial information sheet, showcasing your property, advising on where to list your property, etc.
  • If you wish to entrust us with the sale of your property while buying another: we can take care of the resale of your property, directly or with the help of a real estate agency. In this case, you will have only one representative to help see your two-part project through from start to finish.

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